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Who We Are

At Bellerose XD we strive to valuable experiences to both your business and your users, customers, members, etc. The company was created with the aim of promoting the user experience field of practice and offer innovative solutions to user experience anywhere this experience might take us.

For us, a website and apps are tools, and not the finality, to creating the user experience. We are not bound to any technology. We will not offer only a white label solution adapted to your colours. We work hard to offering the best solution to your problems.

We are generalists, meaning we can accompany you in every step of the way with your projects. From user research to interaction and interface design, we make it our objective to create value for your company every step of the way by using a user-centred approach.

Meet our team

Louis-Philippe Bellerose
Louis-Philippe Bellerose
Founder, Senior User Experience Designer

Amanda de Oliveira Batista Bellerose
Amanda de Oliveira Bellerose
Photographer & Junior User Experience Designer

Audrey Marcotte
Audrey Marcotte
M.A., UXC Senior User Experience Designer
Audrey is a partner with us, visit her website.

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