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Small User Studies

Do you need any specific information about how your clients use your product or website? Doing a small user study is a cost-effective and enlightening activity that can quickly help validate concepts or give direction to your product development. Don’t rely on mere supposition and analytic interpretations; get quality feedback from real people.


At Bellerose XD, we have the right tools to provide a professional service across your project’s lifecycle. This is the first step to complement your product or website. With this small user studies, you will have a clear understanding of how clients interact with your product or service, what they need, like or don’t like.

These collaborative studies bring together business objectives and user feedback to ensure that the design will reach the intended clients in the best way. With only 6 user interviews, we will usually have enough to get different sets of profiles and varied feedback to cover a large enough spectrum of users. Choosing if we require less or even more users will depend on your project’s needs.

The purpose of the study is to get qualitative data that we can analyze to understand the users’ needs, motivations, behaviours, and more. After data collection, we do a workshop with your team to combine the acquired information and find a clear path for your project.

Our process focuses on validating concepts, prototypes or ideas that are part of your business goals and help to give them the best direction to the product, service, or website development.

We are here to make the best version of your project! Get user insights of your products or services and build better experiences for your users. Contact us to know more or to get a quote.

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