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Moderated User Testing

If you require detailed information about your product or want to validate ideas and concepts, this is the best option! Put these ideas in front of your users and let them tell you how good (or not) that product is for them. You'll get detailed quality feedback to tailor your solutions to your users.


Performing a moderated user testing is a strategy that has positive outputs during the lifecycle of your product or website. Testing a product will get real data from the users to make trustable decisions during the development process of the product. We will be able to acquire key information to help you communicate better with your customers and better their experience.     In these tests, you can present products that are currently in production to a simple working prototype from a mockup of the product to see how a user or potential user would interact, react, or feel towards using it. This will help you decide how to change your solution to better serve your users.    Being moderated, this allows us to be present when the user is being tested, meaning that your user can be guided through the prototype and if they encounter any challenge, we will be able to answer those questions. This also means that we can also use that time to ask the user some questions to validate some ideas throughout the test.    With a moderated user test, your product or website will be reviewed by real users. This tool is the best option to gather the right data and analysis to understand how to shape the future of your product. Contact us to know more or to get a quote.

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