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What We Do

Whatever your user experience needs, we can help! Contact us to know more about how we can help you.

UX Research

User interviews, task analysis, diary studies, ethnographic observations are some examples of user research. Whatever form your user research needs to take, we are here to help you. We can gather detailed information from users through both qualitative and quantitative means to satisfy your research needs.

Workshop Facilitation

You need to generate original ideas for a project? You have a problem that needs to be solved with multiple specialists? A workshop could help you get you what you need. We can help build activities and facilitate helping your team generate what you need.

Problem definition, idea and solution brainstorms, hackathons, prioritization, empathy creation, feedback gathering are some workshop example we can facilitate with your team.

Interaction and Interface Design

For website, web apps, mobile app, desktop app, or any product or solution that requires interactions, we can help plan and design your products. We base our designs on user research and stakeholder needs to help maximize user satisfaction, usability, accessibility and return on investment.

This project can work from the information architecture, wireframing, mock-ups up to functional prototypes.

Service Design

Because the user’s experience is more than the only the product, we can ensure the delivery of value to the customer is adequate. This can be done in the context of both products and services and can be used to plan service development. Don’t leave your customer to chance, lead how they experience your company!

UX Training

If you want to level up your team’s general UX knowledge, have training in design thinking or in the production of UX artifacts (i.e.: information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, personas, journey maps, customer need statements, etc.), we can set up a customized course plan to your learning needs.

UX Recruitment

Looking to hire UX resources? Get help from people in the field to help you navigate through the many specialties, classes and courses available inside the UX field. We can help get you the resources you want.